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What we're doing

We’re building a new type of capability, for a new type of normal. Embracing remote delivery and other cost-reducing measures, to provide the same high levels of expertise, at reduced costs, for increased client value. And in doing so, minimizing client risk.

  • Providing senior marketing services for tailored, fixed-time, fixed-price projects.

  • Filling in marketing services gaps where resources are scarce or don't exist.

  • Delivering marketing services burst capabilities to address unexpected urgencies.

  • Supporting marketers and agencies with specialist skills they don't need full-time.


  • Tiered-rates based on the level of resource needed and project complexity.

  • Flexibly-delivered remotely, and even available to work at your business location.

  • Without costly overhead, administration or other unexpected fees.

How we engage

Following an initial consultation, we will prepare a comprehensive proposal, including fee and schedule estimates. We will then match the right talent to your project and kick-off. 




Initial Introduction

NDAs Signed

Project Brief / Intake

Project Obj / KPIs

Schedule Review

Budget Review

Open Q&A




Detailed SOW

Team Composition

Estimated Schedule

Estimated Budget



Single v Team

Capabilities Matching

Availability Checks

Costing Options

Project Scheduling



Finalized SOW

Finalized Budget

Contract Signed

Day 1 Onboarding

Project Start



Relationship Review

Process Review

Success / KPIs Review

Onward Projects

Brian Lee, 25 years providing marketing services to clients such as American Express, Chase, Gillette, MD Anderson, P&G, Unilever, United Salt and many more.

  • Extensive experience leading marketing services operations, from 10 to 200+ staff (including Grey, Ogilvy and Publicis).

  • VP Corporate Marketing at Chase, and embedded roles (with BBVA, MD Anderson Cancer Center, SeaWorld).

  • Strategic expertise in integrated marketing, digital marketing, brand management and creative development.

  • Functional expertise in agency P&L management, agency operations, new business development, strategic planning, account and project management.

  • Broad B2C and B2B category expertise spanning Consumer Packaged Goods, Energy, Financial Services, Healthcare, IT & Telecoms and more.

  • Domestic and international experience in New York, London, Moscow and Houston.

Leading the way

girl-2696947_1920 (1).jpg

"Don't go changing,
to try and please please us.
We love you just the way you are."

From a sh--hole country? What's your skin color? 

Sexual orientation? 

Gender or gender you identify with? 

Religious beliefs or none at all?

Maybe greying around the temples?

Physically fit or with a disability? 

Bill Joel fan? 

Does it matter? Of course, it does.

We welcome all, and we want you. 

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