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How healthy are your most important client or supplier relationships?

We see a lot of clients and their supplier relationships break down. And rarely did either of them see it coming. 

When your most important suppliers are under-delivering, or not meeting expectations, it's costly. Inefficiency, mistakes, re-work,  or worse, can create friction, delays and money. Ultimately, this leads to breakdown in goodwill, and the relationship ends. 

In many cases, the underlying issues aren't well-known to either the client or supplier. Or the issues grow over time, and it's too late. We have partnered with an award-winning relationship management firm, who offers services and solution designed to keep your most important relationships healthy.

Meet Relationship Audits



Relationship Audits  helps companies maximise the potential of their key commercial relationships by helping them assess relationship health and ensuring that both clients and suppliers are delivering against expectations.

We are commissioned by blue chip service providers and buyers in many different types of industry on a global and local basis giving us a helicopter view to help cross fertilise our learning to all our clients across industry types. We are constantly enhancing our industry leading intelligence gathering tools as well as developing new innovative ways of reporting relationship health, simply but dramatically.

Imagination Cafe' and Relationship Audits enter strategic partnership, providing marketing and professional services companies, with award-winning relationship health-assessment capabilities.  



Relationship RADAR


An  award-winning online tool to assess the health of strategic client, customer or supplier relationships. With an intuitive web and mobile interface, it enables a business to quickly identify issues, mitigate risk and leverage opportunities to maximise relationship delivery.

Just one of a number of tools and solutions that we provide to assess and improve the quality of your most important strategic relationships. Our intelligence is 'actionable,' meaning issues can be identified in time to correct when and where needed to maintain high-performing, healthy business relationships. From regular monitoring with our proprietary methodologies, to tailored mediation offerings, our mission is to help clients maximise the value and return on their client or supplier investment. 

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